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Sony VPL-FE40 - Projector default credentials

Username: root. Password: password

HP Printers (Enterprise/Networked) - Change display message

To change the message on the front display, use telnet into the printer on port 9100. Run command: @PJL RDYMSG DISPLAY="YOUR MESSAGE HERE"

Pi Hole DHCP on Fedora

If you have trouble with Pi Hole's DHCP server on Fedora i.e. It doesnt offer any addresses, then you probably need to whitelist it in the firewall.

firewall-cmd --add-service=dhcp --permanent | firewall-cmd --reload

Avaya (9608/96x1) Deskphone SIP- HTTP Server

If you have an Avaya IP phone and you want to serve files to it, upload your 46xxSettings.txt and 96x1Supgrade.txt (and/or 96x1Hupgrade.txt) file to the root of the server.

For everything else that gets loaded, you can put it in a sub directory if you define HTTPDIR = subdir (e.g. HTTPDIR=avaya which is equal to http://server/avaya/) in your 46xxSettings.txt file. All subsequent files will load from this directory including upgrades.

Avaya (9608/96x1) Deskphone SIP- DHCP Option 242

To boot a phone using DHCP option 242, you must have the following items: MCIPADD={Call Server IP},HTTPSRVR={Config Server IP}.

In dnsmaq, you would add: dhcp-option=242,"MCIPADD=,HTTPSRVR="

In linux dhcp server, you would add: option 242 ascii MCIPADD=,HTTPSRVR=

Intel IO_MMU on fedora + Grub2

To enable IOMMU on Fedora 29+, edit this file: /etc/default/grub and add intel_iommu=on to the end of the to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX entry.

Then run the command grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg and reboot.

Bind DNS Server: Failed to create fetch for DNSKEY update

Add the following into the main options in the named.conf<:

dnssec-enable yes;
dnssec-validation yes;

Zoneminder MegaPixel IP Camera PTZ

Place this file into /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Zoneminder/Control.

In Zoneminder, goto http://ZONEMINDER_URL/zm/index.php?view=controlcaps and "Add new control".

Use the following settings to configure the control. Where there is no setting for a field, leave it blank or default.

In the Move tab:

In the Pan tab:

In the Zoom tab:

In the Focus tab:

Whilst the camera does support gain and white balance, the perl script does not implement this yet.

In the Iris tab:

In the Presets tab:

Note: This camera can support up to 255 presets, but you might want to limit the amount to the below.

After creating the control, goto the camera source that has the MegaPixel IP camera and goto the Control tab. Tick the "Controllable" box, select MegaPixel IP Camera from the Control type, set Control Device to MainStream.

In Control Address, enter the URL to the camera. This should be prefixed with the username and password, and should look something like: username:password@MY_CAMERA_IP e.g. marcus:[email protected]

Set Auto Stop Timeout to something low e.g. 0.25/0.5, then your done.

Docker/Podman, PHP Sockets, and Virtual Machines

By default, the easiest way to make a container talk to a virtual machine is to either:/p>

  1. Passthrough a physical network adapter to the virtual machine, or
  2. Setup a Host Only network and make your container networking --network=host

Most applications will be happy with this, and you should be able to communicate through the host only subnet, but what might cause an issue is if you are wanting to use PHP sockets.

Let's say you have a Virtual Machine attached to the net host-only network bridge (, and have a PHP script on the host If I were to open a PHP socket, it will not be able to communicate over the host-only network.

Why? It is likely your container traffic will route through the primary adapter ( on the host, so you will simply need to bind the socket to the host-only network adapter address (

Tl;Dr: Bind your PHP socket to the host-onloy bridge host IP, not the host's primary network adapter.

You could always configure routing in your container, but this is simpler